ART+INN (Coordinator)

ART+INN is a non-profit organisation, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, that unites enthusiastic and well-experienced professionals who believe in the great importance of ART and SCIENCE collaboration.
ART+INN goals are:

CULTUM (Partner)

ETS CULTUM is a third-sector organisation. Its mission is to innovate school and vocational training programs, create next-generation educational tools, and foster synergies between training institutions and companies, with a specific focus on sustainability, agriculture, circular economy, the enhancement of ancient traditions, and youth entrepreneurship. CULTUM provides high-quality research for best practices in sustainability, circular economy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and entrepreneurship. In addition to EMBRACE, CULTUM is implementing, locally, several projects, such as the “Civitate”, an open-air museum of Apulian history, “Vegapulia”, a project to map the most interesting vegan products in Apulia, “Le radici del futuro”, a project to create local value chains using by-products and waste from traditional Apulian agricultural products, and “La strada del cambiamento”, a project aimed at involving professionals and entrepreneurs in adopting sustainability initiatives.


CONNECTUS is an organisation based in Athens, Greece aiming to provide services that support the private as well as the public sector in the fields of:

– Digital solutions @ education
– Management of EU-funded project​s
– Project branding & dissemination strategy
– School & VET curricula
– Upskilling trainings for employees & job seekers
– Web-platform development for EU projects

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